Pedagogical philosophy

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Pedagogical philosophy

Our approach is based on the vision of the American child psychologist Thomas Gordon. This means that we actively listen and observe your child to gain insight into his or her behavior and needs. Total communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is central to this approach. The goal is to guide each child with their capabilities towards independence, enabling them to make their own choices.

We also prioritize creating a pleasant, safe, and trusting environment where your child enjoys coming. We aim to provide a stimulating environment in which he or she can develop to the best of their ability, taking into account the uniqueness, character, aptitude, talents, and abilities of your child.

Your child's development

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Uk & Puk

Uk & Puk is a stimulation program specially developed for children from 0 to 4 years old. The cuddly doll Puk is the central figure in this methodology. Activities are built around the cuddly doll Puk. The pedagogical staff can encourage children to participate through Puk. The adventures of this cuddly doll are close to their own world. With the help of this program, we work purposefully on the development of children. Language development is paramount: speaking, listening, and expanding vocabulary.

Additionally, the methods also focus on socio-communicative skills and an initial orientation to mathematics. The program takes into account differences in (language) development within a group. Therefore, it is not only suitable for children with language delays, but also provides sufficient challenge for language-proficient children. For this purpose, we use enriching activities.

Child monitoring system

To properly monitor your child's development, we use the Uk & Puk monitoring system. With this system, we track the development of the child from zero to four years old. It is an observation system that covers various areas of development.

The child monitoring system is not a report, but an observation checklist aimed at mapping out the development. At the same time, this allows any specific issues regarding development to be identified, and if necessary, action can be taken.

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